The New Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv

The New Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv was meant to be one of the biggest train stations in the world, second to only New Delhi. The architect envisioned creating an entire neighbourhood within the 7 stores of vertically constructed material; it’d have a marketplace, an education centre, entertainment spaces, places of worship, health clinics, … More The New Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv

Welcome Home

In Denmark, exploring his Jewish identity was a constant struggle. Denmark and its surrounding countries are known for their many great accomplishments – free education, universal health care, leaders of the environmental movement – but supporting their Jewish people in their struggle against anti-semitism has never been on the forefront of anyone’s agenda. In Denmark, … More Welcome Home

Kibbutz Ketura

In the utmost arid climate, with temperatures rising well above 50 degrees and with its surroundings comprised of solely sand and the Jordanian border, lies Kibbutz Ketura. Ketura embodies Ben Gurions vision of using the Negev to its full potential. In the east, a date orchard extends for miles, providing adequate food supply for the … More Kibbutz Ketura

Not All Who Wander The Desert Are Lost

As the sun is setting among the sandy dunes of the Negev, we sit in silence and reflect. To many, the silence strikes them. A refreshing reminder of the human condition before the mind and body was polluted with constant connectivity to the superficial. An existence that requires the innate adaptive mechanisms your body has been fine tuning for millennia. … More Not All Who Wander The Desert Are Lost